Dupo is a supplier of technical semi-finished plastic and metal parts


Design & drawing
Design & drawing
There are engineers, toolmakers and plastics specialists available at Dupo
Prototype & 3D Printing
Prototype & 3D Printing
Consultation and coordination with customers for optimal results. Any adjustments before we move on to making a (trial) mould
Is fully automatic, 24/7, unmanned with robots. Therefor we have competitive prices compared to low-wage countries.

DUPO B.V. is a supplier of technical semi-finished plastic and metal parts. We help you realize your idea to a finished product. We strive for a partnership with our clients in which the question “make or buy” will be explored.

Dupo is a reliable partner during the production process. Our high reliability, security and logistical knowledge of existing products (applicable by you) makes DUPO a flexible B2B supplier. We offer assistance in finding the quickest way to the best results.

Discover the new inline wheel Retro III

The new inline wheel Retro III, was developed by DUPO together with Swede Wheel. It’s a prime example of design and workmanship.

Due to the high loadcapacity and excellent swivelfeatures the wheel is perfect for example under chairs. Of course the wheel is universal and can be applied under other furniture because its innovative desig. The possibilities are endless.

Available in several colors, including a polished aluminum, white or black lacquered body.

In addition, Retro III is carried out with a transparent or black wheel with a diameter of 50mm, polyurethane tire (85-90 ° Shore), a polycarbonate rim and a ball bearing in the shaft.

Curious about Retro III or our other products?