ISO 26000 is an international guideline for Corporate Social Responsibility,
it supports Dupo in fulfilling its responsibility towards people and the environment.

The seven CSR principles: accountability, transparency, ethical behavior, respect for stakeholders, legislation, international standards of conduct and human rights form the basis of all activities within DUPO. We are busy with the implementation of this guideline in our company so that we will be part of this growing group of companies that have already signed the declaration itself.

Within DUPO has always been striving to optimize the production process. This will save on raw materials and energy and our clientele has the advantage of competitive pricing, also reuse of raw materials is possible within the organization.

Through good communication with the customer, we can keep inventories low and adjust the process better to meet the customers needs. In case of problems, we can quickly and effectively offer a structured solution. These basic principles of LEAN-manufacturing provide more job satisfaction and support for further improvements.


Since September 24, 2015 are again 11 companies within the Dutch Rubber and Plastics Industry (NRK) launched the public introduction of the CSR philosophy ISO 26000 including DUPO. On April 25, 2016, the objective is achieved and the official ISO 26000 self-declarations be issued at Apollo Vredestein in Enschede. This statement demonstrated how giving companies fulfill corporate social responsibility.

What is ISO 26000?

ISO 26000 is an international guideline on Social Responsibility of an organization (CSR), which supports organizations in the fulfillment of their social responsibility. The directive helps to recognize CSR within the sphere of influence of the organization and encourages the identification and involvement of relevant stakeholders. In this way, a broad-based sustainability statement can be drawn up.

ISO 26000 appoints seven core CSR themes that organizations can focus:

– management of the organization
– human rights
– labor Practice
– environment
– honest business
– consumer Affairs
– involvement in community development
With the insights gained will be based on the ISO 26000 individual self declarations drawn up in this collective process, which can be published in the Official BS ISO 26000 Platform ( The self-statements will be available online in the spring of 2016.


profiles organizations

NRK – NRK represents the interests of the rubber and plastics industry (turnover of 8 billion euros, 95% SMEs, about 32,000 jobs). The companies provide a wide variety of components, modules and finished products for applications in industry and commerce, construction, packaging and consumer products. The export amounts to over 65% and is growing in recent years by an average of 7%.
When NRK approximately 470 companies are clustered in 20 affiliated trade associations. Under the motto “Sustainability. Pleased with rubber and plastic products “gives NRK priority to a healthy climate for the manufacturing industry, competitiveness, innovation and knowledge transfer, education and training, energy conservation, environmental promotion and recycling, the private sector CAO, image improvement and encouraging the use of rubber and plastic products.


BS – Good agreements on products, services and processes are important. Safety is at stake, they are absolutely vital. Such as agreements on playground equipment, children’s clothing, emergency or evacuation. But there are also agreements on debt, customer contact and of course CSR. In the Netherlands NEN knowledge network for standard development and standard application. NEN helps companies and other parties to make themselves clear and applicable agreements. BS represents Dutch companies and parties to make agreements with standardization centers in other countries at the European and even global level. When working NAND 270 employees.


RVO – The National Entrepreneurial Netherlands ( encourages entrepreneurs to sustainable agricultural, innovative and international business. With subsidies, finding business partners, knowledge and compliance with laws and regulations. works for ministries and the European Union.