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Dupo Plastics BV is a full service injection molding company. We accompany the customer from the initial idea to the finished product. Modern DMG CNC milling machines, remote controlled using CAD / CAM systems are ready to produce a perfect mould. Both modern equipment and our own mould makers and tool makers are a key element in the process of plastic injection moolding and a decisive advantage for our customers.

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Technical advice

The material choice in thermoplastics is virtually unlimited and because the features continuously improve, the number of applications is increasing rapidly. Partly because they are qualitatively better and stronger they will increasingly replace other raw materials (metal / aluminum). Plastic offers a lasting quality, often at a lower cost than originally thought. A proper technical advice is based on many years of experience and knowledge, all available within Dupo Plastics. This ensures optimal results. Dupo Plastics is already involved in the design stage of many projects, to indicate what one must take into account in the process and what you can expect as a client.


Dupo Plastics / Injection Moulding

Because of our extensive and modern machinery we offer a fast, flexible service with short delivery times for our customers. Skilled staff with over twenty years of experience and knowledge ensure a high quality product. We supervise the entire process from idea to finished product, including the manufacturing of the needed moulds. Everything goes through strict quality checks for optimal results and consistently high quality.

We produce at our new location (built 2007) with machines, especially Arburg from 20 to 200 tons clamping force, fully automatic 24 hours a day / 7 days a week with robotic systems to about 475 grams shot weight. The raw materials which we process are: LDPE HDPE PP PS, and all kinds of technical raw materials such as filled and unfilled PA6, PA6.6, POM, ABS, TPE, PC, etc.

Mould making

Dupo Plastics manufactures and maintains injection moulds in our own workshop. Our tools are produced on state of the art DMG CNC milling machines, remote controlled by a CAD / CAM system. They are ready to produce only high-quality injection moulded products for your company. One of our specialties is the production of two (or more) completely different products in one mold. It has big advantages to have your own tool when making your own new design: Lower costs, greater flexibility and faster results. And that is what you can expect from Dupo.

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Dupo has it’s own production, machinery, and tooling. This is why we can act quickly and manufacture custom products for our customers. Experienced engineers are ready to advise and accompany you in prototyping and testing before the final manufacturing starts.